Tradiio – turning up the volume for aspiring artists around the world

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Our first interview with Tradiio was in June of last year. We asked their CEO, Alvaro Gomez, how things have been since then and he replied “It’s been a crazy ride but we wouldn’t have it any other way”.

Tradiio, a free to use music platform, has helped more than 250 artists to develop their careers. More than 100 of these have played at key venues and major festivals, such as Super Bock Super Rock in Portugal and Field Day in the UK, and 10 have signed with Universal Music.

They have also continued working on the way they operate as they’ve grown. “We’ve hired specialists to improve our mobile offering and grown our marketing team too. In terms of business model and our identity, we are championing the title ‘Artist Accelerator’, providing artists worldwide with the opportunities needed to get traction in the early stages of their careers,” said Alvaro.

Since we last spoke, growth has continued for Tradiio, with a focus on the 18-35 market and an almost equal split of male and female users. While the company itself was established in Portugal, its user base has gone global. “Notably, it’s great to see communities developing in Indonesia, Australia and Sweden,” Alvaro told us. And, not content to maintain growth in numbers, they are looking to build even stronger relationships with their users “involving them on a far deeper level”.

The wealth of music content available online continues to grow, and so we asked Alvaro where he saw Tradiio fitting into the industry. “The need for effective crowd curation has never been so strong. The sheer volume of emerging music demands it. And that demand is not going away. Our aim is not just to fit into the current industry, but to change it. Imagine a model where users can take an artist from nothing to a major record deal and beyond. In the course of 6 months. We’re watching this happen, and it’s absolutely fascinating” was his response.

In pursuit of this model, Tradiio has built some interesting partnerships, particularly in the press, and are in talks with labels, studios and management companies to keep this moving forward. One that caught the eye recently was UberSessions, a series of interactive videos which use virtual reality to bring a performance in the back of a taxi to life. Using your smartphone you can experience it in 360º. As Alvaro explained “the feeling of sitting in a taxi with your favourite artist is what hooked us – what better way to bring artists and fans closer together!”

As for current exciting projects, Tradiio are working with Ayelle, an electronic/future R&B singer from London, whose new single Machine was released on February 26th and sophomore EP will be released April 15th, both through Tradiio.

Looking further ahead, Tradiio will have launched in the US in a year’s time, and “The community will be thriving through new tools to connect artists and fans deeper than ever before. Our team will have grown and we’ll be planning our next move. The industry never stays still, neither will we.”

We asked Alvaro what his one wish for Tradiio would be: “To accompany a Tradiio artist from their first demo, to headlining a major festival. What an incredible moment that would be. 2016 is the year!”