Music platform rewards listeners for discovering new talent


The sheer wealth of choice when it comes to finding new music can sometimes feel overwhelming. In amongst the suggested playlists and the new releases from established artists, discovering up and coming tracks can be difficult. And, when you do unearth the ‘next big thing’ early on, wouldn’t it be great to be rewarded for that? These are challenges that Tradiio, a free to use music discovery platform, aims to solve. Aziz Morsly, Strategy Manager, told Follow Innovation about how Tradiio is working to change the music industry.

“Unlike other music streaming platforms, we are helping artists emerge. We give real life opportunities to artists such as playing in live festivals or signing contracts with labels. To do that, we use the fans. It’s a kind of crowdsourced curation where we try to engage artists and fans together” said Aziz.

When a user joins Tradiio, they are given virtual coins to invest on the artists and songs they like. If others invest, the artist rises up the Tradiio charts, and the investors make a profit. The experience is further ‘gamified’ by a number of challenges the user is given, such as listening to 5 minutes of music, or investing a certain amount on artists. At the same time, there is a social element as the user is challenged to follow other users and share their music choices.

Tradiio has formed a number of partnerships to allow the user to trade their virtual coins in for rewards, such as speakers, headphones, or festival tickets. Similarly, artists that rise to the top of the charts are rewarded for doing so, from a place on the Tradiio stage at this year’s ‘Field Day’ festival, to a deal with Universal Music.

Established in Portugal in early 2014, Tradiio reached 30,000 users in the first few months, and connected them with 1000 artists. “During the next period we refined the product, and kept working on different partnerships. The goal of Tradiio is not just to be digital but to bring together online and offline” Aziz told us. This year, Tradiio moved into the UK and has since gained traction with artists and users across the globe.

Given the number of content providers and emerging platforms for music discovery, we asked Aziz how he thought Tradiio fits into the current music landscape.

“On other streaming platforms, people just click through different lists and listen for a while and move to something else. We want to bring back the emotional connection between the listener and the music. If you are trying to split the £10 the user pays for another platform between all those artists, they have to work for a long time to get anything from it. So if you think of a newly formed artist trying to make it, they have got no chance. That’s why we want to bring together the fans and the artists, and provide opportunities for both of them” replied Aziz.

Looking to the future, Tradiio plans to establish itself within the U.K. over the next few years, and then make a move into the huge potential of the U.S. market. “We really believe that we will change the music industry” concluded Aziz.

You can try Tradiio for yourself through, Android or iOS.