Mobile app rewards users for driving safely


Texting while driving has replaced drinking and driving as the leading cause of accidents and deaths of teenage drivers. SafeDrive, coming out of the Dialogues Incubator in Amsterdam, has found a way to tackle this problem by convincing drivers not to use their phone while behind the wheel.

The SafeDrive app was developed after one of the Co-Founders, Tudor Cobalas, came close to experiencing a road traffic accident whilst distracted by his phone.

“Shortly after the near miss I met with with my business partner, Eduard Alexandrian, and we decided to design the SafeDrive app. We wanted to build something that moved the risk of having an accident from the subconscious mind of drivers into the conscious mind. The result is what we offer today, a mobile app that allows people to earn points by not using their phone while driving. Something that has not been done before,” Tudor told Follow Innovation.

Once users have created a SafeDrive account they are able to earn points for each car journey they complete without using their phone. Drivers can then redeem the points they have earned for discounts on products and services at responsible partners. At MOL Romania, one of SafeDrive’s early partners, one point earned within the app is equivalent to one of MOL Romania’s customer loyalty points, a reward you would usually earn for each litre of fuel purchased in store.

All of SafeDrive’s partners are currently based in Romania, where the app has been developed. Tudor and Eduard are currently looking to secure investment so they can grow a global audience of users and partners for their app.