Innovative mobile technology enables accurate indoor positioning and navigation


Pointr Labs has successfully developed the world’s most accurate indoor positioning and navigation technology and it’s being used today to build smart venues across Europe.

“We saw how GPS technology had changed outdoor lifestyles and wanted to do the same for indoors. We are using beacon and Bluetooth technology together to fundamentally change the way that venues and their visitors can interact with each other,“ Axel Katalan, Co-Founder and CMO of Pointr, told Follow Innovation.

Pointr provides users with real-time indoor positioning, turn-by-turn navigation and the ability to directly message other users within the same venue on their smartphone. Usage data is collected and processed to provide venues with visual heatmaps showing the movement of users throughout the venue and highlighting common paths taken, alongside presenting average dwell times at popular points of interest.

“Many beacon companies provide services using proximity. Pointr is focused on using positioning methods to provide the most accurate service possible. Our CTO, an MIT graduate with a PHD in Nuclear Physics, has developed a set of clever algorithms, which mixed with triangulation techniques and machine learning have helped us to create the most accurate indoor positioning system on the market,” said Axel.

Last year saw the successful deployment of Pointr technology to a number of high profile UK venues, including the Level 39 startup incubator in London. Startups within the Level 39 offices can use Pointr to easily navigate the 30000 square feet venue and locate other Level 39 members within the space. “Having Pointr in the Level 39 offices is really great for us as it showcases our technology to all of the cool startups and technology partners visiting the incubator,” Axel told us.

The technology is now being used by an iconic department store in the UK, allowing their customers to search for products across the whole store and locate them with turn-by-turn directions across multiple floors. User data is fed back to the venue for use in store layout and improvement projects. Pointr are also working with a large warehouse in Belgium to provide accurate asset tracking and navigation services for their employees.

The startup are currently enrolled on the Microsoft Ventures accelerator programme in the UK where they are working with expert technology mentors to help grow Pointr and maintain their position as the leading global indoor positioning technology provider.