Housesharing made simple with Splittable


Splittable aims to make the property renting experience much more user friendly. Launched in April this year, the app allows housemates to track and square up when it comes to bills and other household expenses, a problem which all renters will be familiar with.

Helping out renters is the key driver for Splittable Co-Founder and serial house-sharer Nick Katz, particularly young people who are “often thrust into property management, with new situations to handle which can create awkwardness – or much worse.”

“Splittable removes the pain and life admin around money at home, giving users the freedom to go and live their lives without concerns around splitting bills and managing other expenses.”

The application prides itself on its simplicity and usability. Splittable’s playful, colourful interface is a world away from managing costs on a spreadsheet. The stand out feature is Splittable’s All Squared meter, which gives users an instant view of exactly where they stand in relation to their housemates. This dashboard shows what needs to be paid to who, or perhaps where slack on household spending should be picked up by getting an extra round in.

Unlike most consumer technology, Splittable doesn’t need or want to be an app which users spend a huge amount of time on. It can be accessed from time to time when expenses are incurred, serving as a useful tool when it is required. Most house sharers use the app for just a few minutes at a time.

Some have questioned the value of notifications for all household expenditure, but the Splittable team have made it easy to control how you want to get notified – every time an expense is input that you are involved in, a daily summary or a weekly summary. The consensus from customers is that housemates actually welcome this added transparency to an otherwise confusing world of big city rentals. The app removes conversations about finances rather than creating new ones.

The Splittable team are based in London, where the app was originally launched, but business demand is coming in from overseas and the company has seen recent launches in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The founding team comes from a background of real estate, Katz’s inspiration came as he realised that there is little consumer technology to help with property related issues as well as his own experience sharing 9 London properties in the last 5 years. In the long term Splittable wants to “create the best experience for sharing living, empowering young people to take their property journey on with confidence.” This ethos paves the way for creating happier houseshares, which is something the team have strived for from the beginning.

Payments would be the obvious next step for a product targeting personal finance support, and this is something the team have some innovative plans to build into the app soon and unveil next year. Ahead of this will be invoicing and free data visualisations for its users – providing that extra layer of understanding to home budgeting.

Outside of technology the Splittable team work with Generation Rent, Shelter and Spare Room to help fight for the rights of tenants in London. In a climate of increasing rent and landlord power, these efforts alongside providing useful consumer tech put Splittable in a position to impact a wide audience of housemates and become a leading product in the mobile convenience arena.