Developing a level playing field for traders and investors


Ruzbeh Bacha had been trading as a retail investor for 15 years when he founded City Falcon in February 2014. Tired and frustrated of not having access to the same market data used by financial institutions and cash-rich day traders to aid investment decisions, Ruzbeh asked the question ‘how do we create a level playing field for all investors?’

“If you look at any stock being traded, typically the insiders are the first to know of any news that will impact prices. Next to know are the institutions which throw money into hiring analysts and building algorithms to understand market changes and gain a competitive edge. These organisations are followed by the savvy day traders who can afford to invest in access to the leading financial data platforms,” Ruzbeh explained.

Without the capital to invest in expensive financial data subscriptions, small investors are often left to feed on information that is out-dated and of little value. Free online communications platforms exist to provide smaller players with access to real-time social commentary on financial markets but they are limited in their functionality, allowing users to monitor the price of only one product or market at a time.

City Falcon is Ruzbeh’s answer to providing information symmetry in the financial markets. It’s the first online platform to provide a combined feed of the latest financial news and social data for free and gives its users the ability to track multiple assets simultaneously.

“Select a portfolio of the assets that you want to watch and we will provide you with immediate access to the top stories that may affect you, helping you to make better buy and hold decisions. Our platform allows you to filter through your portfolio and pull in only the information that is most relevant to you, and it’s a completely free service!” said Ruzbeh.

The engine that sits underneath City Falcon’s bonnet doesn’t just deliver results in the financial world. The software is also being used by a number of non-financial businesses to help them slice through recent news and use the information they find to develop strategies which will enable them to lead their industries into the future.

As for the future of City Falcon, Ruzbeh has his own vision…

“Traders and investors sit in front of multiple screens at their desks each day. I want to grow City Falcon into a solution which occupies one of those screens for the majority of Traders around the world,” he told us.

City Falcon has recently received recognition as a City AM ‘Leap 100’ company in London and ‘One of the world’s most promising early stage companies’ at the 2015 Collision Conference earlier this month in Las Vegas.

The company joins other rising fintech startups coming out of the Microsoft Ventures accelerator in London and are certainly one to watch as they move forward on their journey to disrupt the USD 25 billion global financial data market.