Create interactive website guides without touching a line of code

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Many of us have experienced the frustration of not being able to navigate what is designed to be a simple and customer-friendly website. Thankfully, in today’s service-driven economy, support is never further than a click or two away.

Interactive website guides are a particularly effective form of online support as they allow confused customers to help themselves at a pace they are comfortable with, reducing their need to reach out to an organisation’s support team.

Typically, customer guides are built by software developers who inject new code directly into an existing website. This offers a lot of added support functionality to the updated website but requires technical knowledge to implement and can become costly if regular updates are requested.

Nickelled, a support software startup, has created an innovative web app which provides a complete interactive website-guide service, allowing users to build how-to guides without making any code changes. Follow Innovation met with David Batey, CEO and Founder, to find out more.

“Our standalone solution allows anyone to create and distribute engaging interactive guides, regardless of their technical ability. This opens the opportunity of educating customers out to frontline support staff, who are usually in the best position to understand the day-to-day usability issues of customers,” explained David.

The standalone version of Nickelled works by taking a snapshot of the code behind an existing website and hosting a copy of this on a Nickelled web server. Users can create customer guides on a fully functional copy of their site, safely providing guidance to their visitors without them ever realising they’ve left the main site.

“One of the key advantages of using a Nickelled-hosted solution is that organisations can create intuitive online guides for their customers without running the risk of breaking anything on the live website,” David told us.

Creating a guide is as easy as setting Nickelled to ‘record-mode’ and following an end-to-end customer journey within the application. Notes can be added to each step of a guide and positioned anywhere by dragging and dropping selected instructions on-screen. Once a guide has been completed, users have the option to save a full copy and are provided with a link, which they can then share with customers.

Currently, Nickelled’s largest client is Gumtree, the UK’s leading website for local community and classified ads, which is currently using around 30 Nickelled guides to show visitors around their website. Gumtree promotes these guides to its customers when all of their live-chat agents are busy and also shares guides via email as an automated first response to customers who have requested support for frequently asked questions.

“Once you start experiencing real volume on your website you only need a tiny percentage of customers not understanding how to use your site before it becomes a really big and expensive problem. We are really excited to see Gumtree using our software, as they can show the real value that our product delivers, given the huge volumes of people in the UK that visit their site each month,” said David.

The Nickelled guides available on Gumtree’s website are currently receiving around 50000 unique views per month with an overall customer satisfaction rating of 88%. This rating is 10% higher than other forms of support offered on the website.

Nickelled provides their clients with customer progression data, showing the completion percentage of each guide, and also overall customer satisfaction, which is requested once a customer has finished a guide. This data helps users of the software to build more engaging guides, allowing them to design even more effective support channels for their websites.

“Our standalone software is extremely exciting because none of our competitors are offering anything like it. We aim to grow the user base of both our standalone and embedded solutions over the next year, while focusing on providing a high quality service and further innovation in this space,” concluded David.