Sagent uses one line of code to increase online sales

Sagent’s new technology combines data science and psychology with web optimisation to increase web purchases.

“It’s too simple to be true,” says Rodger Buyvoets, Managing Director of Sagent. “At first I really didn’t believe that with only one line of code online purchasing could be automatically increased. But it’s really working.”

Sagent started in June last year with a team of four. Two with experience in eCommerce and two developers who specialise in machine learning, responsible for building the technology which underpins Sagent.

After half a year of pilot testing with retailers in the Netherlands, all with more than 150,000 unique visitors a month, the Dutch team saw conversion – the percentage of online purchases – increase by 15-20%.

“You can imagine the amount of extra revenue we generated – it was pretty high,” says Rodger. From that point onwards he was convinced and decided to build his company around the technology.

Once the code has been implemented on a retailer’s site, the technology builds a psychological profile of web visitors, tracking what kind of persuasion tactic is most likely to make each visitor purchase an item.

“We know if a visitor buys a product because there’s only a few left on sale, or if they buy a product because it’s the bestseller of the week,” explains Rodger.

Sagent’s product breaks down into four intelligent features: product labels, smart notifications, an intelligent search bar and dynamic pricing. All the features run in real time and are adaptable to each retailer.

Rodger says: “The power of our technology is that we personalise it for every visitor. So for the labels you see on a webpage, it could be that I see one label and you see another.”

“And the big win? All the retailers have to do is drop the code in. We craft the whole messaging and the design of the ribbons displayed across their website. They don’t need to hassle their IT department, and it won’t take any resources away from their team,” says Rodger. Clients also have full access to data, which is linked to Google Analytics.

Sagent have so far mainly worked with companies based in the Netherlands but are looking to expand internationally breaking into the Fortune 500 retailers, “that’s where we have the most leverage,” Rodger tells us.

The company has recently expanded to eight team members, furthering Sagent’s combination of consumer psychology and data science.

And as data science becomes increasingly important, Rodger says that the future in online retail will be using that data to be “the most relevant you can be to the customer”. And so far it’s working:

“We’ve got a lot of happy clients,” Rodger says smiling.