Bite-sized audio news for the smartphone generation


Clippet is a mobile news app which has successfully captured the attention of many young people in the UK. The app, developed by a team of twenty-somethings at Clippet News in London, delivers news stories to users’ smartphones each day in the form of 60-second audio clips. Sagar Gupta, Editor-In-Chief at Clippet News, met with Follow Innovation to tell us about how their unique breed of news is created and distributed, and why it’s proving so popular amongst the younger generation.

“We deliver digestible audio news directly to our listeners’ smartphones each day. Short form audio is a great format for those on the go as it enables true multi-tasking. For example, our users can easily listen to the news while eating breakfast, walking to the tube station or riding their bike to work. Our on-demand Clippets are ideal for the younger generation who don’t actively make the time to go out and buy the latest newspaper or switch on the radio to catch the most recent news on the hour,” explained Sagar.

The editorial team at Clippet News meets every morning to agree on the top headlines to share on their app. A total of 10 new audio clips are created each day. The team scour the web to find the most interesting stories for the demographic, they then create their own condensed audio scripts.  These scripts are recorded as sound bites, which are pushed live to the Clippet app each morning for automatic download to user devices.

“Our team are all aged between 23 and 27 years old. We have a mixture of journalism experience across the company, some guys with years of experience and some new to the industry. This creates a nice balance of perspective when producing our Clippets. Our target listener is someone between the ages of 18 and 28 who isn’t hugely engaged in reading the news but understands the impact that current affairs may have on their job and their personal life. Our team here matches this age demographic very closely, which means we are well placed to understand the news stories that will be interesting to our target audience,” said Sagar.

Published audio clips are divided into a five categories: UK affairs, global news, culture, innovation, and the UK election. The app allows users to easily navigate through these categories and share their favourite stories with others using Facebook, Twitter and email.

“Our latest category is the one covering the UK election. We want to empower our generation to understand the election by giving them the most accessible content available. So, we’ve broken down the complex manifestos, we’ve covered big topic areas like the NHS and the economy, and we’ve always thought about how these big issues affect our demographic. Another recent innovation is the Vox-Pop-style interviews, which broadcast the voice of the younger generation on the day’s most interesting story,” Sagar told us.

Looking to the future, Clippet News is considering moving to a premium content model for their app, providing users with access to premium Clippets in return for sharing files with others or by paying for premium access. White labelling the product for brands and publishers to share content and information with their customers is also another avenue which the startup is looking to explore.

“Clippet provides the easiest way for people to understand the news. We hope to become the go-to news source for anyone with a smartphone, with our users waking up each morning and going directly to the Clippet app for their daily news digest. We want people to understand and change the world in a way they haven’t been able to before,” said Sagar.

The Clippet app is available as a free download for both iOS and Android devices.